Oct 6
Patsy Pope
6 Oct, 2017. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: Patsy Pope
All About Dementia are delighted to promote these acoustic music events. The events are specially designed to engage clients who have additional mental and physical needs and their carers. Christmas carols, festive songs and old favourites are carefully chosen to help memory recollection in people with Dementia. Large print lyric sheets and percussion instruments are provided so everyone can join in the festive fun! These events are hosted by Amanda Rae Davidson, the well known dementia specialist, trainer and singer who is joined by renowned singer/guitarist, Simon Darvell. The programme runs for 2 hours of fun at a cost of…
Mar 1
Patsy Pope
1 Mar, 2017. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: Patsy Pope
Memory is stored based on emotions felt. Training is best when conducted face to face. There is no substitute. If you want people to best recall the training then it needs to be via a personal session. https://www.td.org/Publications/Magazines/TD/TD-Archive/2014/09/Webex-Face-to-Face-Training-Is-Still-the-Better-Choice
Aug 10
Patsy Pope
Our philosophy of care based on practicalities of real world experiences
10 Aug, 2016. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: Patsy Pope
Why not take a quick look at our new flyer available at the following link:   It is easy to lose sight of the actual person with a lifetime of experiences and emotions as they move towards their own sunsets.
Dec 11
Patsy Pope
Call out to knitters; Twiddle Mitts
11 Dec, 2015. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: Patsy Pope
From Mary-Julia Lomax on Facebook we get this request: Calling all Knitters! I have just been to a 2 day dementia course and seen these amazing Twiddle Mitts. They are a knitted mitt which can be used to cover canulas so the patient is not pulling the canula but twiddling with the mitt instead. They can also be used as a distraction for dementia patients who often like to twiddle with things. The hospital are crying out for more to be knitted as they are single patient use so the patient will go home with it on discharge. Anything can…
Oct 30
Patsy Pope
Perfect Petzzz for dementia
30 Oct, 2015. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: Patsy Pope
Take a look at these realistic, breathing dogs and cats. They are wonderful, no hassle companions for elders with dementia. They provide comfort, tactile stimulation and a sense of normalcy. Run, do not walk, to buy them. http://www.precious-petzzz.co.uk
Jul 3
Patsy Pope
Weighted Blankets help dementia elders feel comfort and security.
3 Jul, 2015. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: Patsy Pope
Weighted Blankets for Dementia Elders. The onset of an individual’s dementia can be a difficult time for the entire family. Typically, the dementia becomes noticeable when a person begins repeating themselves, forget to perform everyday tasks, and have trouble putting names and faces of family members together. They may seek comfort and security by pacing, doing repetitive tasks or some other obsessive behaviour. Giving the elder a weighted blanket provides comfort through the naturally pleasant feeling of being held. Many have described the added weight in a weighted blanket as feeling like a hug. Being able to give a loved…
Jun 5
Patsy Pope
Dementiaville on Channel 4 review
5 Jun, 2015. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: Patsy Pope
Last night we had the airing of C4's long awaited Dementiaville, an informative look at Poppy Lodge, a care home getting care of dementia elderly right. Both emotional and educational, the show led us on a journey with several lovely residents of Poppy Lodge, and each one was very recognisable to any of us who work in dementia care. The best part for me was in showing the difficulty family members have in accepting the dementia reality, and in many cases, struggling to get on board with the idea of entering the person's past in order to find them and…
Apr 22
Rochelle King
22 Apr, 2015. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: Rochelle King
All About Dementia is offering a brand new course on the management of some common physical issues associated with ageing and dementia that can cause unnecessary difficulties and anxiety. We will look at the following issues causes, consequences, prevention and management. THE COURSE COVERS • Swallowing difficulties – as dementia progresses the swallow reflex is diminished, we look at various interventions to help • Sleep Issues- a symptom of dementia is a clinical level sleep disorder; we will discuss how we should accommodate this issue. • Skin Care in Dementia – prevention of skin breakdown requires a plan of attack.…
Mar 23
Patsy Pope
Chewing on objects; common in dementia
23 Mar, 2015. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: Patsy Pope
Elders in severe stage dementia often have a need to chew or suck on objects. Objects such as clothing, wood, leather, other people even, which can all seem inappropriate and disturbing to carers. The drive behind the behaviour is a need for comfort. Just as infants like to suck or bite, so do elderly in the severe stage of a dementia journey. It brings sensory stimulation, a rhythmic movement and a sense of security. As we want to fill this need and bring that much needed security and comfort to the person, we should assist in finding the right, safe,…
Mar 3
Patsy Pope
Dementia Village
3 Mar, 2015. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: Patsy Pope
Many people ask me about the Dutch Dementia Village, as we know, it has received a great deal of press, and there will be a new Channel 4 show called Dementiaville in the spring in which the village will feature. I personally have seen many of the ideas for happy dementia living in my work with The Eden Alternative and the Green House Project in the USA, so the Dutch village is not unique in it's plan for dementia care. Many ideas are based on ideas piloted by the Corrine Dolan Center in Ohio during the 1980's and also on…