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Oct 16
Patsy Pope
Nursing in practise – Keynote speaker
16 Oct, 2018. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: Patsy Pope
  I was invited to be a Key note speaker at the recent Nursing in Practise conference. Here is the teaser video.
Mar 1
Patsy Pope
1 Mar, 2017. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: Patsy Pope
Memory is stored based on emotions felt. Training is best when conducted face to face. There is no substitute. If you want people to best recall the training then it needs to be via a personal session.
Aug 10
Patsy Pope
Our philosophy of care based on practicalities of real world experiences
10 Aug, 2016. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: Patsy Pope
Why not take a quick look at our new flyer available at the following link:   It is easy to lose sight of the actual person with a lifetime of experiences and emotions as they move towards their own sunsets.
Dec 11
Patsy Pope
Call out to knitters; Twiddle Mitts
11 Dec, 2015. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: Patsy Pope
From Mary-Julia Lomax on Facebook we get this request: Calling all Knitters! I have just been to a 2 day dementia course and seen these amazing Twiddle Mitts. They are a knitted mitt which can be used to cover canulas so the patient is not pulling the canula but twiddling with the mitt instead. They can also be used as a distraction for dementia patients who often like to twiddle with things. The hospital are crying out for more to be knitted as they are single patient use so the patient will go home with it on discharge. Anything can…
Oct 30
Patsy Pope
Perfect Petzzz for dementia
30 Oct, 2015. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: Patsy Pope
Take a look at these realistic, breathing dogs and cats. They are wonderful, no hassle companions for elders with dementia. They provide comfort, tactile stimulation and a sense of normalcy. Run, do not walk, to buy them.
Jul 3
Patsy Pope
Weighted Blankets help dementia elders feel comfort and security.
3 Jul, 2015. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: Patsy Pope
Weighted Blankets for Dementia Elders. The onset of an individual’s dementia can be a difficult time for the entire family. Typically, the dementia becomes noticeable when a person begins repeating themselves, forget to perform everyday tasks, and have trouble putting names and faces of family members together. They may seek comfort and security by pacing, doing repetitive tasks or some other obsessive behaviour. Giving the elder a weighted blanket provides comfort through the naturally pleasant feeling of being held. Many have described the added weight in a weighted blanket as feeling like a hug. Being able to give a loved…
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