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Councils and Organisations

All About Dementia has many corporate clients;

  • Public Authorities. We offer staff training, materials for public information on dementia, and, our most requested and successful service, ‘Community Centre Meeting’ events where Patsy can, in person, inform the public about dementia and advise on practical measures.
  • Private Housing Organisations. Our guidance and direction for environmental design and considerations in decoration, is an area of speciality. We also train all staff, from call centre operatives to maintenance crew, on communication techniques with dementia clients.
  • Transport Companies. The UK bus service companies handle thousands of elderly passengers daily. We have assisted several companies by training bus drivers on communication with dementia elders and also looked at trouble shooting issues that are particular to the service provided.
  • Police. Often the first responders to a situation involving a distressed elder with dementia, the police need insight and skills to handle the situation and reach the best outcome for the person involved. We have trained and advised local police forces on these issues, and received positive feedback.