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Our Consultancy Services

With over 35 years experience in the health care sector, our dementia expert Patsy Pope is knowledgable, flexible and has a wealth of insight to deliver any consultancy request. From interior design for dementia, to trouble shooting any issues that may arise in a care setting or a care relationship, Patsy can offer sound advice and direction.

Councils and Organisations

With clients such as Bolton, Flintshire and Ribble Valley Councils, The Red Cross and Age UK, to name a few, our expertise in bespoke dementia consultancy is well received , with the feedback excellent.

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Private Clients

Our private client base has grown steadily over the past two years, built on good word of mouth and solid practical advice to those families and friends caring for a person with dementia. Whether in person, on Skype or via the telephone, we stay connected to, and ready to assist, our clients through the dementia journey.

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