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Recreational Activities in dementia care – Prestwich

£90.00 inc. Vat

Time: 10:00 – 16:00

Trainer: Patsy Pope



This course is not restricted to activity coordinators as it is intended for all staff working with people with dementia to be fully involved in the delivery of meaningful activities.
Meaningful activity is essential for maintaining physical and psychological health along with general well-being, plus reducing medication usage, eliminating the stress of boredom, uselessness and lonliness.

Course Contents.

Activities as a part of daily care!!!
Activity provision – not just traditional activity programmes but also each individual’s activity needs in a range of areas, personalisation of the activity programme.
Benefits of Activities
Individual versus group activities- small groups and one to one works best in dementia care
Late stage sensory stimulation
Keeping the spontaneity of life for residents/clients/loved ones
Spiritual and Cultural Activities are Paramount
How to achieve Staff Participation in all Activities