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Course Description

This innovative course takes a look at what food and drink means to humans, not just as nourishment for the body but nourishment for the spirit, the psyche. ‘You are what you eat’, an old saying, but close to the truth. Our memories, our senses and our emotions are tied into food and taste. In dementia care we can enliven, awaken and restore with the use of person centred nutrition and hydration. The following is included,

  • Emotional connection to food
  • How food preparation activities can enhance intake
  • Using the five senses to communicate that it is ‘Time to Eat.’
  • Different stages of dementia require different interventions to maintain good nutrition; what do we do to enable this?
  • Food as a social activity, calories consumed are increased if staff eat too
  • The 24 Hour Calorie intake clock
  • Importance of the RIGHT hydration
  • Allowing unwise food choices as independent adulthood
  • Social versus unsocial dining

Course Details